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"Developing the Mind and Body with Taekwondo"

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NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN YOUR TAEKWONDO JOURNEY! Ask about our special Introduction Program.

The Rochester Taekwondo Club serves the Rochester area with traditional Taekwondo using the modern tools of the Olympic Taekwondo movement. Students from Fairport, Perinton, Pittsford, Macedon, Palmyra, Brighton, Victor, Farmington, Bloomfield and surrounding areas train in self defense, physical fitness, Olympic sparring and traditional values that make martial arts a unique tools for developing the mind and body for men, women, children and families. Beginner, intermediate and advanced students are welcomed. Martial Arts using self defense for practical applications.
Beginning Classes for all. Learn Taekwondo as a modern Olympic Sport and martial art.

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Winners From Ahn Taekwondo Classic
W. Easton, M. Easton, B. Williams, D. Alesi, J. Fujimura, J. Heinz, E. Fujimura


Rochester Taekwondo Club
Meeting @Perinton Recreation Center
1350 Turk Hill Road
Fairport, New York


Rochester Taekwondo Club (585) 509-2563 or visit us on facebook "Rochester Taekwondo Club".  Rochester, New York, USA